Pokemon Concierge: The Perfect Life Sim Game

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, you may have already heard of the captivating new stop-motion animated series called Pokemon Concierge on Netflix. This slice-of-life Pokemon series takes us on a journey to a tropical island resort for Pokemon, showcasing a stunning and inviting world within the Pokemon universe. With its heartwarming story and dedicated fan base, many believe that Pokemon Concierge would be the ideal inspiration for a life simulation game, similar to Animal Crossing.

The Story of Pokemon Concierge

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Pokemon Concierge follows the life of a young woman named Haru as she begins her new job as the concierge at Pokemon Resort. This island getaway serves as a relaxation destination for Pokemon, and Haru’s role is to ensure that the Pokemon guests have the best experience possible. As a high-strung overachiever, Haru initially struggles to adapt to the laid-back island lifestyle. However, everything changes when she bonds with a Psyduck, a notoriously high-strung Pokemon. Through this relationship, Haru learns how to bring joy to the Pokemon and help them overcome their own obstacles, allowing them to live their best lives on the island.

Pokemon Concierge: A Perfect Fit for a Life Sim Game

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The concept and structure of Pokemon Concierge lend themselves perfectly to a life simulation game. Imagine stepping into the role of Haru, starting your first day at Pokemon Resort and exploring the island to meet other resort employees. As you build relationships with the Pokemon guests, your objective would be to fulfill their needs and develop strong bonds with them. This would involve completing missions, gathering resources, decorating living spaces, and running errands, similar to the gameplay mechanics found in popular life simulation games like Animal Crossing.

Building Relationships and Progressing Storylines

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In this Pokemon life sim game, each Pokemon guest would have their own unique story and personality. It would be up to you to decide which Pokemon you want to spend the most time with and build the strongest bonds. By nurturing these relationships, you would witness their individual storylines progress, providing opportunities for character development and emotional connections.

Embracing the Life-Sim Trappings

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Just like in Animal Crossing, the life-sim trappings in this Pokemon game would be essential. You would have the freedom to gather resources, such as berries or materials, to enhance the island and create a welcoming environment for the Pokemon. Additionally, you could decorate living spaces, both for yourself and for the Pokemon guests, allowing for personalization and creative expression.

Ever-Changing Seasons and Pokemon GuestsIs a Second Season of Pokemon Concierge on the Horizon?

Similar to Animal Crossing’s ever-changing seasons, the Pokemon guests in the game could come and go from the island, introducing new opportunities for storytelling and fostering a sense of dynamism. Each season could bring new Pokemon favorites, ensuring that the game remains fresh and engaging. This constant rotation of Pokemon guests would create a sense of anticipation and discovery, as players would eagerly await the arrival of new characters and the chance to forge new connections.

A Social-Focused Pokemon Spin-Off

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It’s surprising that there hasn’t been an attempt to create a social-focused Pokemon spin-off before. While Pokemon games often revolve around battles and capturing Pokemon, Pokemon Concierge demonstrates the vast untapped potential for the franchise to explore new genres. By embracing the life simulation genre, Pokemon can appeal to a broader audience, including those who may not be as interested in traditional Pokemon battles.

Celebrating Pokemon’s New Ventures in Animation

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The recent foray of Pokemon into new and experimental forms of storytelling, as exemplified by Pokemon Concierge, is something worth celebrating. From the stop-motion animation of Concierge to other projects like Bidoof’s Big Stand and the animated adaptation of the trading card game, Path to the Peak, Pokemon is constantly pushing boundaries and captivating audiences. These ventures showcase the versatility and creativity of the Pokemon franchise, proving that it can excel in various mediums and formats.

The Potential for a New Genre in Pokemon Games

Pokemon Concierge not only captivates viewers with its heartwarming story but also provides a blueprint for introducing a new genre to the Pokemon gaming realm. By combining elements of life simulation and storytelling, this game could attract players who are seeking a more relaxed and social gaming experience. The absence of battles in this potential spin-off would create a refreshing change of pace and offer a different kind of immersion within the Pokemon world.

Embracing New Possibilities

While Nintendo may have concerns about splitting its Animal Crossing audience, the potential of a Pokemon life sim game cannot be ignored. The success of Pokemon Concierge and its enthusiastic fan base only solidify the demand for this type of game. With a rich world and diverse Pokemon cast, the possibilities for storytelling and character development are endless. This spin-off game could expand the Pokemon franchise’s reach and attract a wider range of players, ensuring its longevity and continued success.


Pokemon Concierge has captivated audiences with its stunning visuals, heartwarming story, and the potential it holds for a life simulation game. By taking inspiration from this stop-motion animated series, Pokemon can explore new genres and provide players with a unique and immersive experience. The combination of building relationships, progressing storylines, and embracing life-sim trappings would create a game that appeals to both Pokemon enthusiasts and fans of the life simulation genre. With Pokemon’s proven track record of pushing boundaries and captivating audiences, a Pokemon life sim game could be the next evolution of the franchise, bringing joy and excitement to players around the world.


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