When Will Final Fantasy XIV Head Back to the Void?

Final Fantasy XIV, the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has captivated players with its immersive world and captivating storyline. As players eagerly await new content updates, one question looms in their minds: When will Final Fantasy XIV head back to the Void? In this article, we will explore the possibilities and speculations surrounding the return to the Void, delving into the lore, player theories, and official announcements to uncover what the future may hold for adventurers in Eorzea. Let’s explore When Will Final Fantasy XIV Head Back to the Void?

The Void and its Significance

The Void is a mysterious realm in the Final Fantasy XIV universe, often associated with dark and dangerous forces. It has played a central role in various storylines, introducing formidable villains and epic battles. The allure of the Void lies in its enigmatic nature, leaving players intrigued and eager to explore its depths once again.

Lore and History of the Void

To understand the potential return to the Void, it’s crucial to delve into the lore and history surrounding this otherworldly realm. The Void has been featured in multiple expansions and patches, each revealing new aspects of its existence. From the original release of A Realm Reborn to the latest Shadowbringers expansion, the Void has left an indelible mark on Eorzea.

The Ascians and the Void

One of the key players associated with the Void is the Ascians, an ancient and powerful group of beings who seek to manipulate the fate of the world. Throughout the game’s storyline, the Ascians have used the Void as a tool to further their nefarious goals. Their connection to the Void raises the possibility of them orchestrating a return to this realm in future updates.

The Void Ark and the Warring Triad

In the Heavensward expansion, players were introduced to the Void Ark, a massive airship that serves as a gateway to the Void. Adventurers embarked on a series of thrilling raids within the Void Ark, battling formidable foes and uncovering ancient secrets. Additionally, the Warring Triad, a trio of powerful deities associated with the Void, posed a significant threat to the realm of Eorzea. The encounter with the Void Ark and the Warring Triad showcased the potential for future explorations into the Void.

Player Speculations and Theories

The Final Fantasy XIV community is known for its passionate and creative theories about the game’s future. When it comes to the return to the Void, players have proposed intriguing speculations that fuel excitement and anticipation. Let’s explore some of the most prominent theories circulating among the player base.

Time Travel and Alternate Realities

One prevailing theory suggests that the return to the Void may involve time travel or alternate realities. The concept of traversing different timelines or dimensions aligns with the overarching narrative of Final Fantasy XIV and its intricate time-bending plotlines. Players speculate that a journey into the Void could lead to encounters with alternate versions of familiar characters or even events that could reshape the course of the game’s history.

Expansion-Specific Questlines

Another theory revolves around expansion-specific questlines that could bring players back to the Void. Each expansion in Final Fantasy XIV introduces a unique storyline and setting, offering ample opportunities for revisiting the Void in a thematically fitting context. Whether it’s through a new raid series, a main story questline, or a special event, players anticipate the return to the Void within the narrative framework of future expansions.

The Echo and its Role

The Echo, a special ability possessed by the player character, has been a central element of the Final Fantasy XIV story. It grants the ability to witness past events and glimpse into the thoughts of others. Players speculate that the Echo may play a crucial role in any potential return to the Void, allowing adventurers to navigate the treacherous realm and uncover its secrets. The connection between the Echo and the Void opens up exciting possibilities for future content.

Official Announcements and Teasers

While player theories provide fascinating insights into the potential return to the Void, it’s essential to consider official announcements and teasers from the development team. Square Enix, the studio behind Final Fantasy XIV, has a history of dropping hints and teasing upcoming content, fueling the community’s anticipation.

Patch Notes and Storyline Teasers

With each major content patch, Square Enix releases detailed patch notes that provide a glimpse into the new features and storylines. Players scour these patch notes for any references to the Void or hints of its return. Additionally, the developers often include tantalizing teasers in interviews and official announcements, further stoking excitement among the player base.

Fan Festivals and Keynote Presentations

Fan festivals and keynote presentations serve as platforms for the development team to unveil major updates and expansions. These events generate significant buzz within the community, as players eagerly await news about the game’s future. During these gatherings, Square Enix has the opportunity to drop bombshells and reveal plans that could potentially involve a return to the Void.


The anticipation for Final Fantasy XIV’s return to the Void continues to grow as players eagerly await new content updates and expansions. The rich lore, history, and player theories surrounding the Void provide a fertile ground for speculation and excitement. While official announcements and teasers from Square Enix offer glimpses into the game’s future, the true path to the Void remains shrouded in mystery. As adventurers in Eorzea, we must stay vigilant, ready to embark on new journeys into the unknown and uncover the secrets that lie within the depths of the Void.

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