Perfect New World: An Unbalanced Mess in its ‘Equilibrious’ Test


Perfect New World, the highly anticipated online multiplayer game, has recently faced criticism for its unbalanced gameplay during its ‘equilibrious’ test. Players were eager to experience the new features and mechanics promised by the developers, but their initial impressions have been far from positive. This article delves into the issues plaguing Perfect New World, examines the community’s response, and explores the steps taken by the developers to address these concerns. Let’s explore Perfect New World: An Unbalanced Mess in its ‘Equilibrious’ Test

Unveiling Perfect New World’s ‘Equilibrious’ Test

In an attempt to gather valuable feedback and fine-tune the game’s mechanics, Perfect New World introduced the ‘equilibrious’ test. This test aimed to showcase the game’s balance and provide players with a glimpse into the world of Perfect New World. However, instead of being a smooth experience, the ‘equilibrious’ test turned out to be a chaotic affair, leaving players frustrated and disappointed.

The Unbalanced Gameplay Experience

Players quickly discovered that Perfect New World’s ‘equilibrious’ test was far from balanced. Certain classes and abilities were significantly more powerful than others, leading to unfair advantages and an overall lack of equilibrium. This imbalance disrupted the gameplay experience and hindered players’ ability to fully enjoy the test.

Community Backlash

The unbalanced nature of the ‘equilibrious’ test sparked a wave of criticism among the Perfect New World community. Players took to forums and social media platforms to express their disappointment and frustration. Many voiced their concerns about the developers’ lack of attention to detail and failure to deliver on their promises.

Developer Response and Actions

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the developers of Perfect New World swiftly acknowledged the issues and took immediate action to rectify the unbalanced gameplay experience. They understand the importance of community feedback and have made significant efforts to address the concerns raised by players.

Open Communication Channels

In an effort to rebuild trust and maintain transparency, the developers have established open communication channels with the community. They have actively participated in forums, social media discussions, and Discord Q&A sessions to engage with players directly. This direct line of communication allows the developers to gain valuable insights and address player concerns promptly.

Balancing Efforts

To rectify the unbalanced gameplay, the developers have embarked on an intensive balancing process. They are meticulously analyzing player feedback, collecting data, and making adjustments to the game’s mechanics. These balancing efforts aim to create a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

Regular Updates and Patches

In addition to balancing efforts, the developers have committed to providing regular updates and patches to address the issues identified during the ‘equilibrious’ test. These updates will not only focus on gameplay balance but also address any technical issues or bugs encountered by players. The developers understand the importance of maintaining a stable and polished game environment.

Rebuilding Trust and Community Engagement

The Perfect New World development team acknowledges that the unbalanced ‘equilibrious’ test has damaged the trust of the community. They are fully aware of the impact this has on the game’s success and player loyalty. To rebuild trust and foster community engagement, they have implemented several initiatives.

Transparency and Honesty

The developers have committed to being transparent and honest with the community throughout the development process. They have acknowledged their mistakes and have expressed their gratitude to the players who continue to support and believe in the game. By maintaining open communication and sharing regular updates, the developers aim to regain the community’s trust.

Community Involvement in the Balancing Process

Recognizing the importance of player feedback, the developers have actively involved the community in the balancing process. They have created dedicated forums and feedback channels where players can share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. This collaborative approach ensures that the developers consider the community’s perspective and strive to create a game that meets their expectations.

Exclusive Access and Rewards

As a token of appreciation for the community’s support, the developers have announced exclusive access and rewards for those who participated in the ‘equilibrious’ test. This gesture aims to demonstrate the developers’ commitment to their player base and incentivize continued engagement and feedback.

Looking Towards the Future

Despite the setbacks caused by the unbalanced ‘equilibrious’ test, Perfect New World’s development team remains committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience. They understand the importance of learning from their mistakes and are dedicated to making the necessary improvements.

Enhanced Testing and Quality Assurance

To prevent similar issues in the future, the developers have pledged to enhance their testing and quality assurance processes. They are investing in additional resources and implementing rigorous testing methodologies to ensure a more polished and balanced game upon release.

Continued Community Support

The Perfect New World development team acknowledges that the community’s support is crucial to the success of the game. They remain dedicated to actively engaging with the community, addressing concerns, and incorporating player feedback into the development process. By fostering a strong and supportive community, they aim to create an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for all.


Perfect New World’s ‘equilibrious’ test may have initially faced criticism due to its unbalanced gameplay, but the developers have taken decisive action to rectify the issues. Through open communication, balancing efforts, regular updates, and community engagement, they are working tirelessly to rebuild trust and deliver a game that meets players’ expectations. As Perfect New World evolves and progresses, the community eagerly awaits the upcoming updates and the ultimate realization of the game’s potential.

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