Pantheon Cancels 247 Extraction Mode: Rebuilding Trust with the Community


The highly anticipated MMORPG, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, recently faced a community nightmare when it announced the development halt of its 247 extraction mode. This decision caused an uproar among MMORPG veterans and Pantheon crowdfunding backers. However, Visionary Realms, the studio behind Pantheon, has now made the decision to drop the extraction mode and focus on delivering the full PvE MMORPG experience. Let’s explore Pantheon Cancels 247 Extraction Mode: Rebuilding Trust with the Community

The Backlash and Decision to Cancel

When Pantheon announced plans to spin out the 247 extraction mode as a standalone survival-centric extraction title, it was met with mixed reactions. The idea was to use the extraction mode to fund the base game and gather critical data for development. However, this move caused a significant break of faith among the community, especially when it was revealed that the MMORPG’s development would be put on hold until next year.

The community voiced their concerns over the extraction mode being offered exclusively to players who had purchased the pricy Pantheon packages. This, combined with the admission that the game was struggling to secure sufficient funding and undergoing a full-scale art overhaul, further exacerbated the situation. The Pantheon community made it clear that the extraction mode was not the reason for their support, leading Visionary Realms to reconsider its approach.

Rebuilding Trust and Returning to the MMORPG

In response to the community’s feedback, Visionary Realms has decided to cancel the 247 extraction mode and refocus its efforts on delivering the full PvE MMORPG experience. The studio acknowledges the uneasiness caused by the introduction of the extraction mode and expresses gratitude to those who continue to support the project.

“We knew there would be some uneasiness when we introduced a survival extraction testing mode, but we hoped that it would be an enjoyable, replayable experience that would provide critical data for development, and potentially some additional funding to accelerate delivery of the full MMO game. However, our hopes didn’t line up with what you felt,” states Visionary Realms in their official announcement.

The Path Forward

With the cancellation of the extraction mode, Pantheon will now focus on delivering the promised PvE MMORPG experience. The conversion process will take place immediately, and Pre-Alpha access perk holders will have access to the game around the clock in the coming days. Alpha pledges, on the other hand, will be invited to play 24-hour sessions starting in December and continuing into next year, with a detailed schedule to be announced.

In an effort to rebuild trust and strengthen communication with the community, Visionary Realms has also decided to lift the verbal NDA masking the game on December 1st. This move allows players to openly discuss their experiences and share their thoughts about the game. However, the NDA on screenshots and videos remains in place to preserve the artistic integrity of the game.

A Discord Q&A Session

To address the concerns and questions of the community, Visionary Realms will be hosting a Discord Q&A session on November 16th at 8 p.m. EST. This interactive session will provide an opportunity for players to directly engage with the development team and gain insights into the future of the game.

Rebuilding Trust and Acknowledging Mistakes

Visionary Realms acknowledges the trust that has been damaged due to the introduction of the extraction mode and the subsequent fallout. They take full responsibility for the situation and express a sincere desire to regain the trust of the community.

“We understand that for many of you, we have damaged your trust. That’s on us. For those who will give us the opportunity to rebuild that trust, we thank you. For those who are not yet ready to believe in us or the project again, we understand, and hope we can earn back your support in the future,” states Visionary Realms.


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s community nightmare surrounding the 247 extraction mode has come to an end. With the cancellation of the extraction mode, Visionary Realms aims to refocus its efforts on delivering the full PvE MMORPG experience that the community has been eagerly awaiting. By listening to the concerns and feedback from the players, the studio is taking decisive action to rebuild trust and strengthen its relationship with the community. With the return to the core MMORPG development and the lifting of the verbal NDA, Pantheon is poised to move forward and deliver an exceptional gaming experience that lives up to the expectations of its dedicated fanbase.

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