Lost Ark Class Balance Updates Delayed in the West


Lost Ark, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, has been a topic of excitement for Western fans. However, recent news from Amazon Games has brought disappointment as class adjustments made to the Korean version will not be included in the upcoming Soul Harvest update. In this article, we will dive deep into the reasons behind this delay and explore the projected launch window for these much-awaited class updates. Let’s explore Lost Ark Class Balance Updates Delayed in the West

The Base Builds System

Amazon Games has shed light on the reasons behind the delay of class balance updates in Lost Ark’s Western version. The publisher explains that the changes made to the Korean version, known as “base builds,” involve numerous updates ranging from user interface improvements to content additions and character adjustments. These updates are sent by Smilegate RPG, the developer of Lost Ark, to the Western version.

Testing and Adaptation Process

The extensive number of changes in the base builds necessitates thorough testing before they can be implemented in the Western version. Some features are specific to the Korean version and need to be removed or rearranged to fit the progression of the Western version. This process requires additional testing to ensure a seamless experience for players.

Timeline for Class Balance Updates

While fans eagerly await the class balance updates, Amazon Games has projected a January 2024 launch window for these changes. The base build system operates on a quarterly basis, meaning that the October base build, which includes the class balance adjustments, will not arrive in the Western version until January.

Addressing Player Concerns

Amazon Games acknowledges the passion and excitement of Lost Ark players in the West regarding the recent changes in the Korean version. The publisher understands that players desire quicker releases of balance updates and is actively working with Smilegate RPG to explore alternative methods outside the base build system. Amazon Games is dedicated to bringing good news to players in the future.

“We appreciate your passion for Lost Ark and excitement for the recent changes in Korea, and we know that many players would like to see balance updates released more quickly in the west. Amazon Games is working with Smilegate RPG to look into how we can make this happen outside of the base build system we currently use, and we’re working hard to bring you more good news in the future.” – Amazon Games


While the delay of class balance updates in Lost Ark’s Western version may be disappointing for fans, it is essential to ensure a smooth and well-adapted gaming experience. The base build system, with its quarterly updates, allows for thorough testing and adaptation of features specific to the Western version. Amazon Games is actively exploring ways to expedite the release of balance updates outside the base build system. As players eagerly await the arrival of class balance adjustments, they can rest assured that efforts are being made to deliver an exceptional gaming experience in the future.

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