Latest New World Community Q&A: Lessons Learned from Rise of the Angry Earth And Season 4

In the latest community Q&A session for the popular MMORPG, New World, the development team shared valuable insights and lessons learned from Season 3 and the expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. The Q&A covered various aspects of the game, including endgame content, gear, progression challenges, and more. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the key takeaways from the Q&A session, offering players a deeper understanding of the team’s decision-making process and their commitment to improving the player experience.

Prioritizing Quality Content over Quantity

The New World development team acknowledged that Season 4 may appear lighter on content compared to previous seasons. They explained that this shift in approach was a result of the lessons learned from the early mistakes made during the release of Rise of the Angry Earth. As the first expansion for New World, the team aimed to deliver a grand experience but encountered quality issues along the way. To address this, they have decided to prioritize higher quality content over quantity, taking into account player feedback and striving to deliver a better overall experience.

One of the consequences of this decision is the delayed release of cross-world expeditions. The team shared that they wanted to refine this feature further, aiming to provide a more enjoyable experience for players. Despite the changes in the roadmap, the focus remains on enhancing the player experience and ensuring that every aspect of the game meets the highest standards.

The Endgame Experience

The Q&A session also addressed concerns regarding the endgame grind and the perception that there may be little reason for players to continue playing once they reach the endgame. Scot Lane, a member of the development team, emphasized that there are various activities available for players at this stage of the game. The team made efforts to diversify the options for endgame content, ensuring that there are activities suitable for different playstyles. They also took care not to make the chase for rewards too punishing, as this can discourage players from continuing their journey in the game.

Loot System and Itemization

The New World team discussed the intentional biases in the loot drops to make certain perks rarer and more special. They explained that this design choice was made to create a sense of uniqueness and value for certain items, especially those associated with crafting or obtaining special items. By avoiding a cookie-cutter approach to loot, the team aims to provide a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience for players.

Making 700 Gear Score More Attainable

Another topic addressed during the Q&A session was the goal of making 700 gear score more reachable and less gatekept. The development team acknowledged the importance of this goal and assured players that they are actively working on balance changes and improvements to help players achieve this milestone. By reducing barriers and optimizing the progression system, the team aims to create a more inclusive and rewarding experience for all players.

Banishing Exploits and Balancing the Game

The New World team understands the significance of maintaining a fair and balanced playing field. During the Q&A session, they discussed their ongoing efforts to identify and address exploits within the game. By actively banning players who exploit the system, the team aims to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Additionally, they highlighted their commitment to making balance changes to address any gameplay issues that may arise.

Introducing Artifacts: Enhancing Build Options

In their quest to make New World more interesting and dynamic, the development team has introduced a new system called Artifacts. Artifacts are designed to provide players with diverse build options without disrupting the overall balance of the game. These unique items empower players and alleviate concerns about constantly needing to have a viable build within the current meta. The team approaches the creation of Artifacts by first considering a seasonal theme and then brainstorming potential perks that align with that theme. Once a list of prototype perks is finalized, the team ensures that they do not disrupt the overall balance of the game while still offering fun and exciting options for players.


The latest New World community Q&A session provided valuable insights into the lessons learned from Season 3 and Rise of the Angry Earth, as well as the team’s plans for Season 4. By prioritizing quality content over quantity, the development team aims to deliver a better player experience. They are actively working on addressing concerns regarding the endgame grind, loot biases, and the accessibility of 700 gear score. Additionally, efforts are being made to banish exploits and ensure a fair playing field for all players. The introduction of Artifacts adds a new dimension to build options, making the game more diverse and exciting. As New World continues to evolve, players can look forward to a more immersive and enjoyable MMORPG experience.

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