How to Repair the Great Game Forge of Narvi in Return to Moria


In the immersive survival game, Return to Moria, players embark on a thrilling journey through various biomes, each with its own unique story and items. As you progress through the game, you will eventually reach the captivating Elven Quarter, where you’ll encounter the majestic Great Forge of Narvi. However, to fully utilize its power, you must first repair it. In this article, we will guide you through the process of fixing the Great Forge of Narvi and unlocking its potential.

Understanding the Importance of the Great Forge

The Great Forge of Narvi holds immense significance in Return to Moria. While there are smaller forges scattered throughout Westgate and the mines, none can match the capabilities of the Great Forge. To progress further in the game and create a specific new tool, you must activate the Great Forge. Additionally, repairing the forge allows you to expand your inventory space, enabling you to gather more resources and craft powerful items.

Locating and Replacing the Crank

To begin the repair process, you need to locate the replacement crank for the Great Forge. You can find it on the ground to the right-hand side of the forge. Once you have the replacement crank, simply fit it in front of the forge. This step is relatively straightforward and serves as a crucial first step in restoring the Great Forge’s functionality.

Finding and Fitting the Replacement Gear

The next broken part that requires attention is the gear. To find the replacement gear, head towards the left-hand side of the forge and look for it on the ground below. Once you have the gear in your possession, carefully fit it on the left-hand side of the forge. This step brings you one step closer to reviving the Great Forge of Narvi and unlocking its full potential.

Obtaining and Installing the Replacement Pipe

The final broken component that needs to be fixed is the pipe. To locate the replacement pipe, exit the building through the left-hand staircase. On the landing, you’ll find the pipe. However, this step poses a greater challenge as you encounter difficulties transporting the pipe to its proper location on the right-hand side of the forge.

Overcoming the Pipe Transportation Challenge

Carrying a heavy item like the replacement pipe restricts your ability to climb or jump, making it impossible to ascend the right-hand staircase of the forge. To overcome this challenge, we offer a workaround that may not be the intended method but has proven effective.

  1. Press the ‘V’ key to access the quick build platform option.
  2. Place a platform slightly higher than your current level.
  3. Position another platform slightly lower than the target level.
  4. Finally, add a third platform between the two, perpendicular to the others.

By creating this platform system, you can walk to the middle platform while holding the replacement pipe. If you encounter difficulty reaching the third platform, stand against it and swap an item in your hand, causing the replacement pipe to drop onto the top platform. From there, climb up, retrieve the pipe, and place it in its designated spot. Although unconventional, this method has proven successful for many players struggling with the transportation challenge.

The Rewards of a Restored Great Forge

Once you successfully repair the Great Forge of Narvi, a world of possibilities opens up. With the forge now operational, you can utilize it to craft an array of weapons, shields, and even a Steel Hammer. These items are essential for navigating the Western Halls and uncovering Return to Moria armor recipes. Equipping yourself with these powerful tools will prove invaluable against the formidable bears and wolves you encounter on your journey.


Repairing the Great Forge of Narvi in Return to Moria may initially seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it becomes an achievable task. By locating and fitting the replacement crank, gear, and pipe, players can revive the forge’s power and unlock its full potential. The rewards of a restored Great Forge are immeasurable, as it grants access to powerful crafting options and strengthens your arsenal against the challenges that lie ahead. Embark on this quest, and let the fires of the Great Forge illuminate your path in Return to Moria.

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