Gameforge Introduces Update 2.5: Lady Siel’s Call for AION Classic


In exciting news for AION Classic players, Gameforge has announced the upcoming release of Update 2.5: Lady Siel’s Call. This highly anticipated update promises to bring a wealth of new content, including instances, mechanics, and improvements to further enhance the gameplay experience. Let’s dive into the details and explore what this update has in store for players.

New Instances for Every Adventurer

Update 2.5 introduces a variety of new instances that cater to different playstyles and preferences. Whether you prefer solo adventures or tackling challenges with a group, there’s something for everyone in Lady Siel’s Call.

Tempus – A Solo Instance for Gearing Up

If you’re looking to gear up and strengthen your character, Tempus is the perfect solo instance for you. Venture into this challenging dungeon to acquire powerful gear and enhance your character’s capabilities. With carefully designed mechanics and thrilling encounters, Tempus will put your skills to the test.

Padmarashka’s Cave – A Group PvE Challenge

For those seeking PvE challenges with friends, Padmarashka’s Cave is an exciting new addition. Gather a group of 2-6 players and venture into the depths of this dungeon to face off against the formidable Dramata Padmarashka and her dragon offspring. The Dramatas may be unable to evolve into dragons themselves, but they are still formidable foes. Prepare for intense battles and reap the rewards that await you.

Deathly Chamber – Treasure Hunting Adventure

Embark on a treasure hunting adventure in the Deathly Chamber, a new instance that will test your exploration skills. Venture deep into a mysterious cave and navigate through its treacherous paths until you reach a magical ward. Step through the ward and find yourself in a time attack scenario, where you’ll have to cross perilous bridges over a chasm to claim valuable treasures.

Empyrean Crucible – Weekly PvE Challenge

Prepare for the ultimate PvE challenge in Empyrean Crucible, an instance specifically designed for players at level 50 and above. Gather your group and step into the circular arena to face off against waves of powerful monsters. Teamwork and strategy will be key to emerge victorious and claim the rewards that await you.

New Mechanics and Improvements

In addition to the exciting new instances, Update 2.5 brings several new mechanics and improvements to AION Classic.

Sanctification System – Enhance Your Gear

The Sanctification system allows players to add extra bonuses to their items, enhancing their effectiveness in combat. With the introduction of this system, players will have the opportunity to further customize their build and optimize their character’s capabilities. Sanctify your items and unleash their full potential.

Combat Talent System – Compete for Glory

The Combat Talent system introduces rankings that showcase the best of the best in AION Classic. Climb the ranks and see how you compare to other players in terms of stats and equipped gear. This system adds a competitive element to the game, allowing players to strive for glory and recognition.

New Quests and Content

Prepare for a host of new quests and content that will expand the world of AION Classic. Some quests will be tied to the new instances, introducing captivating storylines and exciting challenges. Others will focus on daily PvP activities and Balaurea fortresses, providing additional opportunities for players to engage in thrilling battles and earn rewards.


With the upcoming release of Update 2.5: Lady Siel’s Call, AION Classic players have a lot to look forward to. The new instances, mechanics, and improvements promise to enhance the gameplay experience and provide exciting challenges for players of all preferences. Gear up, gather your friends, and prepare for thrilling adventures in the world of AION Classic.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the new instances, customize your gear with the Sanctification system, and compete for glory with the Combat Talent system. Update 2.5: Lady Siel’s Call is set to bring new life to AION Classic and take your gaming experience to new heights.

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