Dragon Quest 10: Awakening of the Five Tribes – A New Offline Experience

The renowned Dragon Quest series has captivated players for decades, with its immersive worlds and captivating stories. However, when Dragon Quest 10: Awakening of the Five Tribes was released as a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), some players found it challenging to fully engage with the MMO aspect. In response to this feedback, developer Square Enix has announced the development of an offline version of Dragon Quest 10, set to be released in Japan in 2022. This offline version aims to provide a standalone experience that is easy to pick up and play, appealing to both long-time fans of the franchise and those who are not typically drawn to MMORPGs.

The Journey of Dragon Quest 10

Dragon Quest 10: Awakening of the Five Tribes marks the first foray into the MMO genre for the Dragon Quest series. Initially launched on the Nintendo Wii in 2012, the game has since gained a dedicated player base despite its MMO format. However, the sales debut in Japan was not as impressive as expected, with some players struggling to interact with others in the early stages of the game. Over the years, Square Enix has addressed these concerns through regular content and gameplay updates, but the MMO aspect still fails to attract some players.

Enter Dragon Quest 10 Offline

During the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream on May 26, Takumi Shiraishi, the producer of Dragon Quest 10, revealed the exciting news of an offline version of the game currently in development. With a planned release in Japan in 2022, Dragon Quest 10 Offline aims to provide a standalone experience that is both accessible and enjoyable for players. While there is no information yet on an international release or the platforms it will be available on, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore the world of Dragon Quest 10 without the constraints of an MMO.

A Charming and Nostalgic Visual Style

One of the notable changes in Dragon Quest 10 Offline is the alteration in the graphic style of the characters. Departing from the “normal” size seen in Dragon Quest 8 and 11, the game returns to a chibi style reminiscent of earlier titles such as Dragon Quest 9. This shift aims to create a visual style that is both charming and nostalgic, evoking a sense of familiarity for long-time fans of the franchise. The new art direction adds a unique touch to Dragon Quest 10 Offline, distinguishing it from its online counterpart.

A More Compact Map for Easier Exploration

In addition to the visual changes, Dragon Quest 10 Offline features a more compact map compared to the expansive world of Dragon Quest 10 Online. This alteration is specifically designed to appeal to gamers who love the Dragon Quest series but may not typically engage with MMORPGs. By condensing the map, players can navigate the game’s world more efficiently, enhancing their exploration experience. Square Enix aims to strike a balance between providing a vast world to discover and ensuring that players can easily progress through the game at their own pace.

Retaining the Essence of Dragon Quest 10

While Dragon Quest 10 Offline offers a standalone experience, it does not abandon the rich lore and captivating stories of its online counterpart. The offline version will include many of the characters and stories available in the MMORPG, ensuring that players can still immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Quest 10. However, it has not yet been revealed which versions or major story additions will be included in Dragon Quest 10 Offline out of the box. Fans eagerly anticipate further announcements regarding the content and updates that will be available for the offline version.

The Future of Dragon Quest 10

Dragon Quest 10 Online has seen several versions and major story additions since its initial release, with Version 6 announced to be coming this fall. As the offline version of the game takes shape, players wonder about the future updates for Dragon Quest 10 Offline. It remains to be seen whether future online updates will be made available for the offline version through downloadable content (DLC) or free expansions. Square Enix has yet to provide details on the ongoing development and support for Dragon Quest 10 Offline, leaving fans eager to learn more about the game’s evolution.


Dragon Quest 10: Awakening of the Five Tribes has taken an exciting turn with the announcement of an offline version. The development of Dragon Quest 10 Offline aims to cater to players who may not be drawn to the MMO format, providing them with a standalone experience that retains the essence of the Dragon Quest series. With visual and gameplay alterations, such as the charming chibi style and a more compact map, Dragon Quest 10 Offline seeks to captivate both long-time fans and new players alike. As the release approaches, fans eagerly await further details on the international availability and platforms for Dragon Quest 10 Offline.

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