Darksburg: A Medieval Co-op Zombie-Slayer Enters Steam Early Access

Darksburg, the latest offering from Shiro Games, the developer behind popular titles like Evoland and Northgard, is set to hit Steam early access on February 12th. This top-down, co-op zombie-slayer invites up to four players to embark on exciting adventures in the titular medieval town, battling hordes of undead in a light-hearted and frantic fashion. With a range of playable characters, unique powers, and tactical gameplay, Darksburg promises an immersive experience for gamers. In this article, we will delve into the details of Darksburg’s gameplay, characters, modes, and what players can expect from its early access release.

Gameplay Overview

Darksburg takes place in a medieval town overrun by zombies. Players are tasked with surviving the onslaught by strategically utilizing their limited resources, coordinating their characters’ powers, and unlocking new abilities. The game offers a variety of maps, each with distinct settings such as the harbor, marketplace, and Faubourg district. As players progress, they must complete objectives and work together to ensure their survival.

Playable Characters

Darksburg features four unique playable characters, each with their own set of skills and abilities. Meet Sister Abigail, the Neurotic Nun, who brings her unwavering faith and healing powers to the battlefield. Varag, the Wary Wolfman, is a formidable fighter with heightened senses and agility. Runolf, the Gleeful Gourmet, is a chef with a knack for culinary arts and explosive concoctions. Lastly, Rose, the bounty hunter with her trusty pet chipmunk Twig, excels in ranged combat and tracking enemies.

Unleashing the Undead

While battling the undead hordes, players will also encounter powerful opponents known as the Revenants. These once-notorious inhabitants of Darksburg have succumbed to the infection, resulting in unique and challenging adversaries. The early access version of the game introduces four Revenants: the axe-wielding Executioner, the Burning Witch, the Crow Master, and the hulking Brute. These formidable foes will not only appear in the game’s PvE mode but also serve as formidable opponents in the PvP mode.

Modes of Play

Darksburg offers a variety of modes to cater to different playstyles. In the early access version, players can engage in PvE, PvP, and a horde mode called Last Stand. The PvE mode allows players to team up and face off against AI-controlled Revenants and zombies as they progress through the story-driven campaign. The PvP mode, on the other hand, allows players to control the Revenants themselves, pitting them against the Survivor team in intense battles. Lastly, the horde mode challenges players to survive wave after wave of undead and Revenants in two additional maps: Belvedere and the Farmland.

Early Access and Future Developments

As Darksburg enters early access, Shiro Games aims to be transparent and responsive to player feedback. The developer plans to implement new features, improvements, and ideas that resonate with the player community. This flexibility will allow the game to evolve and grow exponentially during the early access phase. Shiro Games is committed to aligning the development process with the desires and best interests of the players, ensuring a more engaging and immersive gaming experience.

Release Date and Additional Details

Darksburg is set to launch on Steam early access on February 12th, providing players with an opportunity to explore the medieval town overrun by zombies. For those eager to learn more about the gameplay and characters, the official Darksburg website offers additional details and explanatory videos. Stay tuned for updates and join the fight against the undead in this thrilling co-op zombie-slayer.

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