Army Men RTS Review: An Epic Toy Soldiers Battle Unleashed


The Army Men series of games has captivated the imaginations of children and toy enthusiasts alike for years. From the moment the movie Toy Story showcased the adventures of plastic green Army men, the desire to bring these toys to life in a video game format grew exponentially. 3DO, the publisher behind the Army Men franchise, embarked on a mission to find the perfect game that would allow players to experience the thrill of commanding toy soldiers in battle. After a series of hits and misses, they finally hit the mark with Army Men RTS, a real-time strategy game that combines imagination, simplicity, and satisfying gameplay.

Graphics: Bringing Plastic Soldiers to Life

One of the standout features of Army Men RTS is its impressive graphics. The level of detail put into each individual piece of equipment and soldier is remarkable. From bazooka soldiers kneeling on one leg to fire, just like the poised toy soldiers, to half-track trucks consistently firing from top-mounted guns, every aspect of the game immerses players in the world of toy soldiers. The vibrant and seemingly harmless backgrounds, such as backyards and regular homes, provide the perfect canvas for these epic battles. Additionally, the clever use of everyday items as fuel for the plastic factory adds a delightful touch to the game. Witnessing laser dump trucks devouring a plastic water gun drives home the realization that this is no ordinary real-time strategy (RTS) game.

Sound Design: Conveying the Gravity of War

The sounds of Army Men RTS play a crucial role in conveying both the seriousness of war and the absurdity of the situation. The game features solid gunfire that is distinguishable by weapon type, whether it be machine gunners, tower gunners, or half-track gunners. Thunderous explosions and realistic battlefield sounds further enhance the immersive experience. When a soldier falls in battle, their screams echo across the battlefield. The destruction of a unit resonates audibly, regardless of the player’s position on the field. While the soldiers all possess a slight Southern accent, each unit has its own unique vocal effects, adding depth to the overall sound design.

Controls: Simple yet Effective

Mastering the controls of an RTS game is essential for success, and Army Men RTS provides a straightforward yet effective control scheme. Players must familiarize themselves with the basics, such as gathering soldiers, commanding specific groups, and managing resources. The analog stick and buttons are used to execute these actions seamlessly. While the controls are easy to grasp, some of the simpler missions lack the depth and strategic elements found in more complex levels. For instance, the foray through the basement, where players are tasked with exterminating bugs, feels like a last-minute addition, devoid of resource gathering or tactical maneuvering. Nonetheless, the simplicity of the game’s mechanics ensures a quick turnaround and satisfying gameplay, particularly for those seeking a more streamlined RTS experience.

Gameplay: Toy Soldiers Wage War

Army Men RTS allows players to fulfill their childhood fantasy of commanding toy soldiers in epic battles. The game offers a variety of scenarios that cater to both casual gamers and seasoned RTS enthusiasts. From troop movement and artillery placement to command-and-capture tactics, the gameplay mechanics provide ample opportunities for strategic decision-making. However, hardcore RTS fans may find the game lacking in defensive AI and a free-roaming campaign. The absence of these features limits players to pre-set scenarios dictated by the computer or hidden levels that are unlocked progressively. Despite these limitations, the game remains immensely enjoyable, and the fast-paced gameplay compensates for the lack of intricate battles found in more traditional RTS games.

Multiplayer: Toy Soldiers Unite

In addition to its captivating single-player campaign, Army Men RTS offers an engaging multiplayer mode. Players can test their strategic prowess against friends or other online opponents. The multiplayer mode allows for intense battles, where players can showcase their tactical skills and compete for supremacy. With a variety of maps and the ability to customize matches, the multiplayer component adds significant replay value to the game. Whether engaging in friendly skirmishes or engaging in heated competitions, the multiplayer mode is a fantastic addition that extends the longevity of Army Men RTS.

Reception and Legacy: A Home for the Green Army

Upon its release, Army Men RTS received generally positive reviews from both critics and players. It was praised for its unique concept, engaging gameplay, and nostalgic appeal. While some critics lamented the lack of depth in certain missions and the absence of a free-roaming campaign, the game’s overall charm and entertainment value outweighed these shortcomings. Army Men RTS has since solidified its place as a beloved entry in the Army Men franchise, providing a home for the Green Army that fans can embrace.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Inner Commander

Army Men RTS is a testament to the enduring appeal of toy soldiers and the power of imagination. It successfully brings these childhood toys to life in a captivating real-time strategy game. With impressive graphics, immersive sound design, and satisfying gameplay, the game allows players to experience the thrill of commanding an army of plastic soldiers. While it may not offer the complexity of traditional RTS games, Army Men RTS delivers an enjoyable and nostalgic experience that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of the toy soldier genre. So, gather your troops, strategize your moves, and embark on an epic battle that will transport you back to the days of childhood playtime.

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