Age of Wonders 4 vs Civilization 6: A Clash of Strategy Titans

In the world of 4X strategy games, two juggernauts stand tall: Age of Wonders 4 and Civilization 6. These games have captured the hearts and minds of strategy enthusiasts with their immersive gameplay, intricate mechanics, and captivating worlds. But which one reigns supreme? In this article, we will delve into the details of both games, exploring their developers, gameplay mechanics, and what makes them unique. So, grab your swords and settle in as we embark on a journey through the realms of Age of Wonders 4 and Civilization 6.

1. The Developers Behind the Games

1.1 Age of Wonders 4’s Developer: Triumph Studios

Age of Wonders 4 is the brainchild of the Dutch team Triumph Studios. With a small team of 25 to 40 employees, Triumph Studios has managed to create an incredibly detailed and vibrant game world. Known for their Age of Wonders and Overlord franchises, Triumph Studios has gained more freedom and resources after joining forces with publisher Paradox Interactive. This newfound collaboration has allowed them to experiment and push the boundaries of their games, resulting in the creation of Age of Wonders 4.

1.2 Civilization 6’s Developer: Firaxis Games

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Civilization 6, developed by the US-based strategy giant Firaxis Games. Founded by Sid Meier, along with Jeff Briggs and Brian Reynolds, Firaxis Games has become a renowned studio with a mission to build games that withstand the test of time. With 180 employees as of 2015, Firaxis Games has been responsible for churning out phenomenal games such as Civilization, XCOM, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Under the guidance of founding member Brian Reynolds, Civilization 6 has become an iconic game in the strategy genre.

2. Creating Your Own Faction: Age of Wonders 4

One of the standout features of Age of Wonders 4 is the ability to create your own faction. The game provides players with unlimited choices and an incredibly detailed Faction Creator. You can choose from a variety of races, including Human, Elfkin, Orcoid, Dwarfkin, Halfling, and Goblinoid. Each race comes with default mind and body traits, but you have the freedom to replace these traits and create unusual combinations.

In addition to selecting a race, you can also choose a culture for your faction. Whether you prefer a Feudal, Barbarian, Industrious, High, Dark, or Mystic culture, each option offers unique bonuses, unit rosters, research options, and affinities. Furthermore, you have the ability to modify these traits even further by selecting your own society traits and tomes of magic.

But the customization doesn’t stop there. You also get to decide on the characteristics of your Ruler, who can be a Champion or a Wizard King. From appearance to weapons and skills, the character creator in Age of Wonders 4 allows for endless possibilities. The level of detail and freedom in creating your own faction is unparalleled, making Age of Wonders 4 a dream come true for fans of customization and high fantasy.

3. Selecting Your Civilization: Civilization 6

While Age of Wonders 4 focuses on creating your own faction, Civilization 6 takes a different approach. In this game, you have the opportunity to select from 50 different civilizations and 78 different leaders. Each civilization acts as a unique character, with its own qualities, traits, playstyles, and strengths. The leaders within each civilization also possess different characteristics, bonuses, and abilities, allowing for a diverse range of gameplay experiences.

Unlike Age of Wonders 4, Civilization 6 does not offer the same level of versatility or choice when it comes to creating your faction. However, each civilization in Civilization 6 has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some civilizations excel in militaristic or aggressive strategies, while others thrive in diplomacy or economic growth. The variety of civilizations and leaders in Civilization 6 ensures that every playthrough is a new and exciting experience.

4. Gameplay: Age of Wonders 4

In terms of gameplay, Age of Wonders 4 offers a mechanically modern version of the classic 4X strategy experience. The game introduces a unique twist with its turn-based tactical battles. Unlike some strategy games that hold your hand throughout the gameplay, Age of Wonders 4 allows for more freedom and exploration.

In Age of Wonders 4, you can freely explore the world, build new structures, and engage in diplomatic measures with free cities. You have the option to ally with these cities or conquer them outright. The game encourages you to play at your own pace, with a versatile multiplayer mode that allows turns to be taken even when not all players are online. Additionally, the game boasts stunning visuals, immersing players in a beautifully crafted world.

5. Gameplay: Civilization 6

On the other hand, Civilization 6 offers a gameplay experience centered around developing your civilization from its humble beginnings to global dominance. The game focuses on technological advancements, cultural influence, and diplomatic systems. As you progress through the eras, you have the opportunity to shape your civilization’s destiny.

Civilization 6 provides an end goal from the moment you start the game, whether it be achieving technological superiority or cultural dominance. Despite this clear objective, the game allows for a wide range of strategies and approaches. You can choose to conquer through wars and battles or opt for a more peaceful path through diplomacy.

The art style of Civilization 6, although more artificial in comparison to Age of Wonders 4, is breathtaking. The game’s soundtrack is also considered one of the best in the genre, further enhancing the immersive experience.

6. Why You Should Play Age of Wonders 4

If you’re a fan of 4X strategy games and high fantasy, Age of Wonders 4 should be at the top of your list. The game offers unlimited choices, from a wide range of races to a plethora of customization options. The detailed and lifelike graphics create an immersive world that will captivate your imagination. With its open-ended character creation and replayability value, Age of Wonders 4 guarantees endless hours of strategic gameplay.

7. Why You Should Play Civilization 6

On the other hand, if you have a fascination with historical civilizations and enjoy manipulating the course of history, Civilization 6 is the game for you. While you may not have the same level of customization as Age of Wonders 4, Civilization 6 offers a deep and engaging experience. With its vast selection of civilizations and leaders, the game allows for diverse playstyles and strategies. Whether you prefer to dominate through technological advancements or cultural influence, Civilization 6 offers a world of possibilities.


In the battle of strategy titans, Age of Wonders 4 and Civilization 6 each bring their own unique strengths to the table. Age of Wonders 4 shines with its unparalleled customization options, allowing players to create their own factions and explore a high fantasy world. On the other hand, Civilization 6 excels in its representation of historical civilizations and the ability to shape the course of history. Ultimately, the choice between these two games comes down to personal preference. Whichever path you choose, both Age of Wonders 4 and Civilization 6 guarantee an unforgettable and strategic gaming experience.

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